LTC market pairs?

This question is been in my head and i can’t find an answer so hope some one can explain

So I’m I’m looking at market pairs and I see that BTC has over 50k market pairs and LTC has 2500 market pairs

So how are this market pairs set , who decides , how do they get increased?

The exchange decides which pairs are available on its platform. The more relevant a currency is, the more trading pairs it gets.
Because BTC is treated as a standard, the price of everything is measured relative to it. Binance has a “BTC net worth” for your wallet. The USD used to have a status like that, where the price of everything was measured relative to it.

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We don’t live in a post-USD world yet.

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hahah … If not we, our children will see Cryptocurrency rule … I bought few bitcoins for experimental purpose and my wife said ohh wow , “please show me where are bitcoins”…she wanted to “hold” them like dollar bill…lolz

So it is still good time to enter this world, explore it, understand it, adopt it and keep building on it.

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