Ltc in btc wallet

I have made a huge mistake and deposited ltc in a btc wallet. I am not sure what to do. please help

Hi n0rw00d,

I am making some assumptions here. You have access to both wallets? You are using an online wallet service like Coinbase etc?

You’ll need to exchange one coin for the other. Not a big deal. However you will need need to pay conversion and transaction fees. There are two options I know of. Maybe someone else knows another? I’ve tried both. One was not successful and the other was.

  1. Using a service call (or similar)

  2. Signing up to an Exchange, transfer the btc - exchange btc to ltc - transfer back to your ltc wallet.

Option 1) Didn’t work for me. I didn’t lose my coin but the btc came back as btc. So I wasted about $10 in the process.

Option 2) I signed up with GDAX and transfered my btc. Then I bought ltc with the btc in my GDAX account. After that I withdrew the ltc into my ltc wallet.

Yes, this is tedious. And by the time I tried both options I probably lost $20 in total with transfer & exchange fees.

Hope this helps.

The funds are not accessible right now. Bitstamp (like coinbase) shows the LTC transaction is confirmed (6 times) and has been sent to Electrum Bitcon wallet. The wallet software shows no record of the transaction.

I will attempt your suggestions the best I can. I understand the exchange part but I am unsure if I can have access to the coins.

I contacted people from both bitstamp and Electrum and they suggested to contact someone from litecoin.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am okay with the fees if they keep me from losing the money.


did you use a bitcoin core wallet? if so see if you may be able to dump the private key and import the address using the private key into your litecoin wallet