Ltc in a native segwit wallet on ledger, having hard time transferring it out

I wonder if present commentators still believe that Crypto one day will become World Currency?
Doubtful is that crypto would have got that far without FIAT.

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correct, can’t have crypto with fiat. the need stable coins are proof.

The stable coins are for the users which distrust their own currencies. There are millions of it.
In order to have a crypto take over world commerce you need to abolish bills. that is about 2.5 billion people on the planet.

It is already happening. You have countries making bitcoin legal tender. You have more value held in bitcoin than total value in Swiss Francs. Crypto adoption is outpacing internet adoption in it’s early years. Corporations are holding their funds in bitcoin rather than US Treasuries: ie- Microstragy and Tesla. You haven’t seen anything yet.

Sure 1. San Salvador, others might or might not follow suit they most likely watch how it turns out. Anyway even in San Salvador there are not 100% in Crypto and hold a wallet. Taken the rate of of analphabism about 46 % hold a chivo wallet once they spend their BTC is not known if they keep it. Most likely they will hoping for more hand outs.

In San Salvador more people have bitcoin wallets than have bank accounts. That is pretty impressive for crypto.

Well its a 2 sided issue. If you have nothing and there are people who offer you help to install an app plus gifting you with $30 of whatever crypto who would say no?
Clearly its made so people sign up. BTC fell a week later and many people complained. Also the myth that Crypto is easy to pay with, was destroyed.

Look how long it took for the majority of the public to adopt email. At first it seemed dumb to most people. Bitcoin and cryptos have had a must faster start than email did in it’s day. Eventually the majority of the world will use wallets, not necessarily for daily transactions but certainly for a way to store savings and long term wealth holdings.

Hmmm perhaps it's the fault of the wallet and not necessarily something that would allude to a technical difficullty? Some wallets are really worse than others and having to use a more reliable wallet is the one that would make it better for any of you. It's also a dream to finally be successful at making your investments much more efficient when it comes to day to day trading and buying and purchasing. What I do hope for wallets in general is to keep these issues at a minimum because if there's one thing fiat currency gets right, it's the fact that it is quite stable and only very few instances were ever recorded in terms of big issues that it brought to people.

I have a Ledger Nano X and it works fine. Are you using it to receive micropayments? You may be encountering this issue:
Ledger Support - Recieve mining proceeds