Ltc hodling or disposal? which way to go?

So, there has been a lot of uncertainty in the cryprocurrency sphere for the best part of 2018, I have heard a whole lot of negatives and speculations.

As a cryptocurrency market analyst and investment adviser with over five (5) years experience… (I invested in btc for the first time when it was $23USD AND ethereum below $2 and not so long ago, LTC at $3.80). So, that shows i by a long margin have a little experience than most of the newbies to cryptocurrency.

In my five years of being a professional cryptocurrency market analyst, investor and investment adviser, 2018 ranks top 2 toughest year for me so far. 2018 has seen us break many predictions and seen many cryptocurrency portfolio sink. Almost every active twitter user that claims to be a professional at trading and market analysis have been sinked in this seemingly wrecking ship of cryptocurrency.

I handle quite a lot of cryptocurrency portfolio and it is my responsibility to give top notch little or no risk investment opportunities and trading opportunities to my clients. For most of the year, i was struggling to keep up and Hodling these coins will only see them constantly reduce to little or nothing. Luckily for me, i was introduced to an investment platform coincolony investment via a colleague who was quietly enjoying benefits of his hodlings and hardly ever complained about the crashing market and was continuously able to meet up targets.

So, i eventually joined this platform, though i was super super skeptical about it because we have seen so many ponzi schemes over the years. I summed up the courage and gave it a go aftter doing adequate research to be sure its not one of the regular ponzis. I started with the initial starter plan with 10 LTC commitment and i was not disappointed. I kept trying every plan with bits of my Hodlings and refused to tell people about it as not to mislead anyone but after three months on this platform, i feel its only fair i give them the accolades they deserve. You all can check them out and make more out of your cryptocurrency holdings rather than watch the value of your hodlings reduce to virtually nothing( 2018 is looking like the year we can experience any shock).


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I read this article exactly a week ago today and followed the link provided to the coincolony investments platform. I did some thorough research about the platform within the first three days using all means possible, this includes email correspondence with the organization and talking to their live-chat support representatives too. On the fourth day, I decided to give it a go and I invested some Litecoins in the PRO category. I initiated a withdrawal from my coincolony wallet earlier today after my investment matured and got paid a few hours ago. It was an awesome experience and I’m glad I took my chances and followed my gut when I had to. Y’all should go make use of this same opportunity like I did. Thank you once again Suri_Yi