LTC getting Delisted

Can someone please explain to me why Mimblewimble won’t result in Litecoin getting delisted from exchanges.

And don’t say because privacy is optional. Privacy on Dash is optional too and that didn’t keep them from getting delisted.

I’ve asked this questions in few different threads and I either get down voted into oblivion or get told “because privacy is optional”.

If Litecoin does get delisted due to MimbleWimble it probably won’t get delisted on the major exchanges like Coinbase/Binance. I can still buy Dash and Zcash on those and Dash/ZCash are both privacy coins. Bittrex might delist Litecoin.

Regulators probably won’t crack down as hard on optional privacy as they would on always-on privacy

Your thoughts?


I think it’s perfectly valid to say it’s because privacy is optional. The exchanges can simply not allow to send / receive a MWB transaction thereby being fully compliant with laws in that county. Seems like people are giving you a valid reason, you just don’t like the answer.


I don’t think so, they won’t.

I think these functions must be added. Without any new innovative functions, litecoin will be abandoned by the public


in the meantime i think people care much more about how widely a coin is accepted (how easy it is to trade it for something else) than about fancy schmancy features …

Litecoin historically and still is one of the top 3 coins by trade volume for almost every exchange. This means that a large percentage of an exchange’s profits comes from litecoin traders. Delisting Litecoin will lead to a large loss of revenue…

so if anyone were to let us know not to add MWEB in concerns of being delisted, it would be the exchanges.