LTC fork LCC - electrum wallet - probs with private key

HI there,

my first post here…
I´m lucky to hold LTCs. Before the fork i moved them to a fresh installed electrum wallet I read in the web this is a good way for claim LCC. I never think of LTC core - damn.

I exported the private keys before the fork in csv and json and. Now i moved my LTCs from the wallet. I installed the LCC core and wann import my private key - but its not possible. Everytime - in GUI or console - accours a error: “This doens´t appear to be a Litecoin/LitecoinCash private Key.”

I´m not sure if i handle the key correctly. But can i do wrong - it seems so easy^^
Is there a format change what i have to do?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I am a newbie but this has something to do with Electrum displaying private keys in base58 format instead of WIF.

I could have that the wrong way from but basically your key in the wrong format for LCC core wallet.

Go to for a better understanding of the different formats.

but its solved anyway!

i imported more keys - the right keys with the transaktions, which are shown in details - and now, the LCC is right there.

Thats really good to hear,

Could you help me with importing Electrum keys as i have tried to do this but the core wallet wont accept them.

how did you get it to accept the keys?


what did you try exactly?

i put the seed words in to the Electrum wallet and it loaded up my wallet and transactions, then exported private key from Electrum to add it to LCC core wallet and it says key is invalid.

How did you get around the invalid key response?

Can you share your PUBLIC address please? I want to verify if you’re using regular addresses or segwit / p2sk

you can’t import private keys of p2sk or segwit address using the private key shown in electrum

@skinner: i´m a noob, too.
but my fault was to handle the keys in right way. if you export in csv then you have all your keys.
in electrum go to view - addresses. there you can see all your addresses and on the right the addresses with transactions. on the right address right klick and private key. this key you have to import in LTC core. you have to do this with all transaction keys.

i´m not sure anyway… but for me it worked!

but before: clear the electrum from LTC!

if someone pro reads this and its wrong - please correct this.

I have exported the PK to csv but LCC core doesnt accept the keys - ‘‘this does not appear to be a Litecoin/Litecoin Cash private key (code -5)’’

did you export your keys from a Segwit / P2SH address or a legacy address?

and you use only the key on the right site in csv which is seperated by “,” ? theese are more keys, not just one i think…

i´m not sure. i just clicked in electrum wallet export private keys. but try what i wrote above. do you see any transactions when you take a look?