LTC did not reach my coinbase Wallet - help!

Initially I sent 20 LTC to my coinbase wallet ( on 7/6/2017 10:12). I waited a for a while to see them get to coinbase, did not get there . I looked at the transaction history- noticed there was a conflicted transaction, however it had automatically sent 14 LTC in another transaction (7/6/2017 10:12 without my doing anything)) and the balance was adjusted to reflect only 14 LTC. These did not show up at coinbase. I have tried to contact coinbase several times, even to say my wallet may be hacked - but no answer from them so far.
I have the transaction ID for both the above transactions , they both show several confirmations. (I abandoned the original transaction just in case it was holding up the next transaction- I did this just an hour ago). So far nothing is changed.

original conflicted transaction ID


next Transaction ID


Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance