LTC / BTC. anyone?

so, I am watching the LTC/BTC marker, it look really nice to grab some BTC.

right now is the best I have seen in years.

what do you think?

I used to speculate on this and honestly I would have been better off just holding LTC.

If anything, convert some of your LTC to BTC since you think the rates high.

What’s your thesis? Do you think LTC/BTC is going to fall soon since it’s near all time highs?

Would you buy back into LTC if that happened?

If you take the idealist position that is all crypto is created equally, then I kind of assume that 1 BTC should be 4 LTC since there are 4 times as many. I’d expect the rate to reach 0.25 LTC/BTC. Given that position, then there’s no upside to converting to BTC. Obviously that idealistic view isn’t reality though.

If you think about the psychology of it, maybe a lot of people holding LTC (and even other crypto) will make the same move your thinking about, convert holdings to BTC in which case the price of BTC will rise and the LTC/BTC rate will fall so you could technically convert to BTC an s buy back to LTC for a (litecoin) profit. (Whether you’d make any USD profit is another story.)

For sake of diversification within the crypto, I’d say now looks like I good time to take some LTC and put it into BTC. In my experience, I’m always better off just sitting still and not trying to move things around though.

I believed that LTC will get a stronger position agains BTC on the long run.

But I dont see that happening in the coming month, more like in one or two year when BTC become a real juggernaut.

So my thinking is to move some LTC to BTC hoping for a correction to the “normal” ratio (what we have seen so far), them turn back to LTC for a quick LTC profit.

So since my longterm position is LTC and I am not mining, this way I can grow the coins (if the positions turn out like planned)

I can also say this myself, would have a much bigger stack just by standing still.

so this is just for the sake of thinking out loud.

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I have couple of suggestions for folks who believe in crypto -

  • always store your crypto in your wallet, of which you have a private key.

  • use instant exchanges like changelly coinswitch shapeshift etc to make trading.

  • never use custodial exchanges like binance, who have the custody to your coins.

It is definitely a good time to invest in Litecoin. The price is low and it is technically superior to Bitcoin. Although Litecoin has less media attention it is being integrated into basically the same applications and exchanges as Bitcoin. The future prospects for Litecoin are quite strong imo as it is a great store of value and is cheaper and easier to mine.

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Hi! I think it is a good time to trade LTC to BTC, there are a lot of exchanges to do it. I’ve made some research to find new exchanges and came across with this one - It’s in partnership with KuCoin so sounds good. What’s more, both newbies and professionals can trade on this exchange. It is not open yet, but already looks promising. Check it please and tell me what you think!

I don’t see any trading signals on the LTC / BTC chart. According to my feelings, you can buy. The price is fixed above the Tenkan line and can go up to the Kijun line.

LTC. As all the things are going right now in the market, Litecoin is rising up a lot quicker than all its market competitors. So let’s wait for the Litecoin Predictions of other experts also.

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Of course Bitcoin is better, but it’s procesing is too slow.