Ltc addresses، question

Hello can anyone explain to me why there are three types of ltc addresses?
There are addresses starting with Lg and others Lt , M
or if there is a topic about this, give me a link

They’re the same. The addresses with L are Legacy non Segwit addresses and the addresses with M are Segwit Addresses.

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Oh, the M are Segwit, is that why I can’t send LTC from my old 2016 wallet to my new 2020 Wallet? Migrating to a newer computer. Thanks


Did you update the old wallet to the latest version via

Not yet.
My old version appears to be Version
And the latest version I can find is Version 0.18.1
Both are 64 bit.
Do I save wallet.dat file before I install newer version?

Thank you

So I’m not sure if you have to save it then update your wallet or upon update it will convert automatically to the segwit “M” address. Here is a nice read on the matter there is a link to address converter in the article the LTC foundation has loaded. I’m going to ask around further Here is a copy of the thread I had on twitter for reference, as a precaution back up the address before updating core but it should auto convert once completed but definitely save it first to be safe.

Hopefully this helps you out :metal::owl::black_heart:Ł

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Seems to have worked fine, Thank you.

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