Lost power right after transaction


About an hour ago, I sent a transaction using the Litecoin Core app. Just after clicking send, the power went out. Now the transaction has been sent, but there is a question mark in front of it, and when I click on transaction details, it says Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool. Additionally, this transaction does not exist on the chain explorer, nor can I find the transaction via the receiving wallet. However, the coins are no longer in my wallet. When I look up my receiving address from this Litecoin Core wallet on the chain explorer, the balance is still there. Is there any way to retrieve these coins or to push through the transaction?

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I don’t use the litecoin core, but I think what happened is that the wallet went out of sync with the blockchain.

Your transaction didn’t go through, so the funds are still on your account. Reinstalling the wallet probably would help.

Otherwise, you can try usng any multicoin wallet (OKX for instance), import the private key there and redo the transaction.