Lost Password to LiteVault Wallet

How do I resert or recover my password on LiteVault. Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated.

do you have access to your private keys in that wallet? because you can sweep those private key to a core wallet and recover your passphrase with software like hashcat or any mining software for that matter…

but it is possible ONLY if they give you access to your private keys…

No I just entered the required fields and did not create private keys. Kindly advise can I make a withdrawal with Litecoin without accessing Lite Vauly Wallet. Kindly assist.

if you created an address…whether it contains coins or not…then you created a private key…all address have private keys

if you did not encrypt the wallet then that is just a private key without a password

I’m lost. Kindly assist where do i start. Will I ever get access to my wallet?

I’ve never used litevault but you need to find your private keys once you have those and you know for a fact there are coins attached to the address then you can import them into a core wallet or any other wallet

There are no coins, the coins are in my mining platform but cannot do a withdrawal as my account is linked to my wallet. How do I bypass my wallet on my account?

again…if you have your private keys for the address in the wallet then you can use any software to “bypass your wallet” (aka import to a different wallet)…your private keys are the only way to recover coins

Understand that, where do I get software to do a bypass. Your assistance in appreciated.

Again…any and every downloadable walls in the world will “bypass” if you have a private key…this is why bitcoins can be stolen of someone… gets your private key…

Litecoin.org…download the wallet for your device

see if there is a button to “export” the litevault wallet…export files contain the private keys for address’ in the wallet…usually…if you can export to file then you can import from file to other software as well

I just looked at Litevaults support page and it says they are overflowing with emails and resposes take more than 7 days…also they are having compatibility issues with some multisignature wallets which is basically all a web wallet is anyway…they do have this password tool: https://github.com/vitiral/litevault
not sure if it will help though…
in the future PLEASE use a decentralized wallet at litecoin.org for your device and not web wallets or 3rd party serevers because if that server ever goes down your coins go with it…core wallets are servers that you run your self and you are the only one with access to the information stored on the wallet…core is true decentralization and web wallets are just glorified paypal (and paypal sux ass anyway) and are pointless especially for litecoin…you only needs 25 GB of storage space for the blockchain and has full control over their coins when using core

Thanks for your time, effort and knowledge, it is very much appreciated.

so, you can’t just change your Litecoin address on your mining platform? (what platform is this?)

I went to the link but don’t see where to recover password.

it is just software that stores your usernames and passwords using encryption…its not a site to recover anything

Thanks, do you know any other software I can sweep my private key on and electrum does not allow sweeping.

only software I recommend using is Core software at litecoin.org
download the blockchain and you run a true decentralized server and can import any private key in the help console by typing importprivkey (followed by the private key)