Lost passphrase from 2013. What format would it be in? Giving reward

So I bought 14 LTC back in 2013 and after getting back into LTC I recently added more (at 55 now) to my litecoin wallet via coinbase and send to my local wallet.

The thing is I went to send some back to coinbase a few weeks ago and my passphrase isnt working. I’ve been trying loads of things but figure it would help to know what format it would be in. From what i remember I went to encrypt in the menu then just set a password.

All I cant find is that it looks like it must have been either minimum of 8 characters or 10 characters?

Maybe it had to have a special character or something?

It might have had to have included a capital letter or perhaps there were no restrictions on the passphrase at all?

If someone gives my the advice that helps me get my password ill happily give an LTC. If anyone is able to assist with setting up hashcat (settings etc) and I find it ill give them 5 LTC!

Sorry for the cheesy rewards but i’m desperate now and not sure what else to try. I cant believe i’ve been so stupid and am kicking myself. I’ve even found password reminders to the sites I used to buy LTC (vircurex I think) but not for the LTC themselves!!

With the price surge, many people are coming back to the scene just to find themselve with coins lock in their wallets…

sorry, but the LTC wallet uses a passphrase, so there is not special requirements to it, it can have as many characters you want and as many special characters also… so,

As for the hascat stuff, there are come people here that can help you with that.

Good luck…

Thanks for the reply. So it could be as short as one letter?! That’s sort of good and bad to know lol.

I wouldn’t be too mad if it was just the 14 ltc I bought. I’m mad at myself because I bought more recently without checking that I knew the passphrase. Should of thought about that!