Lost my phone, typed in my phrase for loafwallet, balance stays zero and No transactions history i shown

Dear peeps,

I hope you guys can really help me out here. I kept my phrase and lost my phone at some point. I used loafwallet and as i tryed to restore my wallet. It shows zero balance and zero transactions. What is going on? I have a real hard time contacting technicalsupport at loafwallet so again, hope you guys can really help me here.

Kinds regards,


Got the same Problem here. I updated my phone and put in seed in Loaf Wallet. Now there are no transactions and zero balance. Unfortunately the support is not answering since 2 weeks.

Liam did you found the solution for this problem?

Settings and sync blockchain

I already synced it with Loaf-Wallet and Jaxx.
…zero balance