Lost.my online Minings

Hi there in 2015 i was mining litecoin on an online mining website. I think that was related to an officially litecoin mining! does anyone know how can i find my minings ?

Don’t remember the name of the website?

I doubt there everwas an official Litecoin mining website, to me sounds like nicehash or coinhive.


www.litecoinpool.org was the first

I’d try there

i looked through some old litecoinpools from back then I’d say 80% legit closed shop are are gone for good

but try www.litecoinpool.org it was the first pool and cross your fingers



LTCrabbit and many others are just gone… all except litecoinpool…

Think mining is actual if you have at least 50000$. For this price is more profitable to launch crypto exchange.

or if you have low to zero electricity costs… .that would be nice…