Lost my litecoins

good afternoon.
help with a withdrawal of litecoin.
I sent two batches of coins from qryptos.com to liqui.io
2.85 coins came, but 7.3 did not reach!
the screenshot shows that the coins were stolen.
Someone stole my coins immediately after the deposit
here are the details of transactions …
tx id
my wallet LRfht9cseJYpdFK2XaTetGCT6TJhyfTxud

Your coins were not stolen.

If I understand correctly, liqui.io is an online exchange NOT A WALLET; thus, all the LTC you send to them are not yours, are theirs.
What you own when you send your LTC to them is a number on their database, and at some point in the future you’ll be able to retreive that number of (real) litecoins to your own wallet; odds are high that those coins you’ll get at the end won’t be the very same coins you deposited, but only same amount (and some other different coins).

What you need to do is

  1. wait a reasonable time to let it reach liqui.io
  2. open a support ticket at liqui.io and thell them: “Hey guys, my LTC deposit has been already confirmed on-chain, but not yet credited on my account; please credit them manually”
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