Lost my coins in mimblewimble transaction?

I sent a portion of my coins (using official ltc client) to a mimblewimble address. For some reason a major portition of my remaining coins were also sent to myself. In the list of transactions it says that it’s a “payment to yourself”. However I don’t seem to have these coins anymore? Or at least they are not visible anymore. Also I’m unable to find any info at all from any of my ltc transaction id’s using blockchair or blockcypher
It says that the code is not valid.
Please help?

the coins were sent as change to a new address that should be in the wallet…
you need to make sure your wallet is synchronized and they should be under the new address that was created when you made the transaction (your change address)

How am I supposed to accccess my change wallet?

Here’s a screenshot to clarify what happened. First I sent 20 ltc. Then the wallet sent the rest of my coins back to myself, automatically. First 57 ltc, which I received back, minus 1 whole ltc. Then 99 ltc which II seem to have lost! Why would something like this even happeen?

look at your addresses…it happens when you dont specify a change address

Please, can you explain like to an idiot. How can I access my funds again?

I can’t find any transaction info nor receiving addresses or anything at all using block explorers. Probably because of using mweb?

I’ve got a list of receiving mweb addresses on my Qt (which don’t show any info at all on blockchain explorer), but can’t see how this helps me?

I’ve re-downloaded and synchronized the whole blockchain to see of it helps. But no, it didn’t help.

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What are all of these millions of operators offering to open a ticket for me etc? I assume they are scams but this forum is flooding with them…