Lost Litecoin after 8 years sync

Hello all,

I bought a litecoin years ago; I think between 2011-2012. I kept the coin in a wallet on my laptop hard drive. Over time, the laptop became obselete and I have replaced it and am now on my third one since then now. Just recently I thought I’d try and get the litecoin back somehow…too much time on my hands during lockdown!

Anyway, the old laptop which contained the wallet no longer switches on, so I took out the hard drive and used a SABRENT device to access it via a USB port on my new laptop. I copied the litecoin wallet over to my new laptop and began the laborious process of synching 8 years worth of data.

There was no litecoin in the wallet after I did this and after downloading a new wallet and completing the sync, still no sign of the litecoin. I don’t have any record, i.e. and e-mail when I bought it, so I’m really at a loss as to what’s happened to it.

I’m very much a novice in all of this, but if anyone can help me out, I’d be very grateful.


Hi there,

If you have found only wallets with no transactions you probably havent found the right one yet.

If you have found wallets that have money and when you synch the money is removed the coins are probably already spent

Feel free to respond here or whatnot thanks.

I have exactly that same problem. I hope by now you have solved this. if so, tell me how!!! I have not but am seeking help.

If you have more wallets, you can speed up the process (skip wallet rescan) by exporting the private keys and importing them into electrum ltc