Lost dat file after windows insider screwed up my system

I had a windows reinstall and lost my wallet.
I still have the old receive address for LTC
can i recover my LTC?

If you don’t have a backup you’re likely screwed. That said if the installer didn’t format the hard drive it’s possible the file is still there.

There are various file recovery software out there. Examples:




Good luck.

if you don’t have a backup and cant recover the wallet.dat from your harddrive file then no you cannot recover your coins…you either need the hash containing your keys or the private key / keys themselves to import / sweep them

Hello! You better do backup before!

please never share that wonder share crap ever again. their software is so sh*t and their entire product is increasing their SEO score to scam people who’ve never used basic recovery tools before.

Okey thank you for information… maybe it is my mistake.