Looking for USB ASIC miners

Hey Guys. I am building an art project to demonstrate crypto mining. It uses a raspberry pi, an LCD screen, and a USB3 hub along with (I’m hoping) some more USB ASIC miners, all inside of a box with fans for ventilition. I am not worried about it making money since it is more of an art piece for the office. I already have a single LKETC miner connected and running with buttons to switch between different pools on the case.They are very hard to find and I haven’t found any other USB ASICs that are affordable.

My question is this, does anyone here have some USB miners they would be willing to part with to help me build this thing?

My backup plan is to use half of a gridseed blade but it takes up a lot more space and generates a lot more heat.

are u still looking for usb miners?

i have 5-10 used gridseed usb miners that can let go.

can email me winmorepips@gmail.com to discuss offline.


have you sold all your stock?
i need any models working with Mac OSX(Capitan & Sierra)
best regards