Looking for someone to get my 9 Antminers running

Good morning All

I’m located in South Florida. I currently have in my possession 9 Antminers L3 that are off line. I’m looking to get these online ASAP. This can be a one time project fee getting them online or a percentage to maintain rigs monthly. I also have an ethereum rig with 40 each Radeon rx580 8gb (Dual-rx580-o8g). If you think this something that interest you please email me eddie.dereszynski@icloud.com. Local candidates preferred.

Hey eddie, its not too hard to set up an L3+ antminer. You have to join a pool to get the best payback. I use the AntPool, just out of ease. The main thing you have to do is get rid of the heat. Each antminer pumps out +2500 Btu/hour of heat. I bought 120mm fan couplings and bolted them on the back of the miner, and ran insulated duct into a box that had an exhaust fan to the outside. Problem with that is you have to have the same amount of makeup air that is a decent temperature being pumped inside to replace what heated air you pumped outside. Right now with 9 antminers you should pull in about 1.5 LTC per day. setup your antminers into an Ethernet switch with a static IP address, and address them to your pool username(dot)XX. The XX would be a number. Number each miner 01 through 09. Lets say on a pool, you use the login name “edereszynski” your first miners “worker” name would be “edereszynski.01” second miner worker name would be “edereszynski.02” and so on. Make sure you name your miners the same as the pool, so you get paid for the hash power it delivers.

Thanks for the information Mark. Would you be interested in possibly virtually consulting for a fee of course on getting them online?

I got my miner in August never mined before but found it easy to set up using this video:

Get in touch with me if you need help/consult.