Looking for L3+ with PSU in Hand


any one interested on selling L3+ used or new… must be on hand and except escrow payment.

I have 1 new L3+ is coming in tomorrow to Canada. Contact me if you want it. I am opened to escrow. How exactly does that work? How about Paypal?


How much u r asking for it?
Escrow is a website that hold the agreed amount and release the amount to the seller after verifying that the buyer received the shippment and it is exactly as mentioned.

Newegg is selling some for $5500USD fyi, not sure what you’re looking to pay. Considering delivery for new orders has them arriving in November, you’re looking at a minimal premium of 45 - 60 days of earning, say +$700-1000. So maybe $2280 + 1000+ is reasonable? $3500. I’d probably buy at $3k but i’m just silly.

@khalidish I sent you a DM

I can escrow this for you… pm me for proof of seriousness (rep).


PM’ed u

This miner is no longer available. Thanks for all your interest.

Do you still have a L3+ with PSU available?

I do dm me if interested