Looking for help with transaction

A firm called Virvox confirmed that I transacted 100.00 USD to SSL in 2014.
That was then converted to Bitcoin and in less than a half hour was spent. They show me how to access blockchain to see that.
I know I spent the bitcoin to buy LiteCoin.
Even though the blockchain display for the address shows a red arrow pointing to what I presume are addresses for LiteCoin ( not Bitcoin) I cannot resolve them the way feeding the original to blockchain does for that one. Is there a URL that I can access for what I presume are LiteCoin addresses that will turn up results ??

I did not fully understand your problem, but I think you are looking for an LTC explorer?

if so chain.so is one of the. (click the LTC logo once the page loaded.)

That address seems VERY helpful, thanks.
Since I know I bought 100.00 of a bitcoin in 2014 the following raw data is meaningful as it was between 900.00 and 1000.00 per each then:
“input_no” : 1,
“address” : “1L2i3QJkFShpUomr8g9wX2BXjfe45x4kGS”,
“value” : “0.10700000”, <-------------- Bitcoins I presume (100.00 worth)
“received_from” : {
“txid” : “c3493b94de26455b2dbea2860e2d42d916dff3c33e4fb3a3eacc889513df4759”,
“output_no” : 0
This same raw data shows what it calls ‘output’ … I thought the addresses would point to somewhere in Litecoin since that’s what I bought; but the addresses when entered seem to
go to the Bitcoin block chain. I have no idea what the value of ’ 0.41619989’ is about unless that is how much Litecoin I got ??? Again if I start entering txids the displays just explode into more and more addresses (but seemingly Bitcoin addresses, not Litecoin which puzzles me).

“output_no” : 0,
“address” : “14yEexwAjuC59nn6FzfknE1fbU8ywcEs3L”,
“value” : “0.41619889”, <-------------------------------------------- Litecoins ???
“type” : “pubkeyhash”,
“req_sigs” : 1,
“spent” : {
“txid” : “8d767b4bab73e254c468a00ab2a4f4ff9b1cb4cdb16a9e23aba89103f6bc2b4e”,
“input_no” : 0

Obviously I keep hoping to see a Litecoin blockchain trans showing my purchase ??

my question is, did you ever send those bitcoins to your own address, or you trade them for LTC in the same place, virvox?

do you have details of the BTC - LTC trade?

I asked the Virvox folks that question, below is their reply:

Yes, you first bought SLL with your USD, then BTC with the SLL, and then sent the BTC to bitcoin address 1L2i3QJkFShpUomr8g9wX2BXjfe45x4kGS. We assume this is your wallet’s bitcoin address.

At Address: 1L2i3QJkFShpUomr8g9wX2BXjfe45x4kGS you can see the bitcoin transaction, and also that they were spent from there about 1 hour later.

They sent me this track also:

ID Time BTC Amount BTC Balance SLL Amount SLL Balance USD Amount USD Balance Transaction Type Order ID
181611671 2015-03-01 09:34:12 -29.42 0.00 inactivity fee [2015-03]
175828431 2015-02-01 09:45:33 -0.87 0.00 inactivity fee [2015-02]
103889701 2014-01-09 18:06:21 -0.10900000 0.00000000 Bitcoin 2103359 ?
103885751 2014-01-09 17:42:10 0.10900000 0.10900000 full fill 21248981 ?
103885741 2014-01-09 17:42:10 -23,126.12 29.42 place order 21248981 ?
103885123 2014-01-09 17:38:09 23,155.54 23,155.54 full fill 21248863 ?
103885113 2014-01-09 17:38:09 -99.00 0.87 place order 21248863 ?
103884149 2014-01-09 17:32:00 99.87 99.87 Skrill

I think it is not a coincidence that I have an account on Coinbase and I wonder if that is how I bought the Litecoin. I have inquired there … they show no acounts with bitcoin-litecoin under my userid and password near as I see.

This URL displays the guts of my journey but I can’t get further…

yes the BTC were move to some other addresses,

you will need to remember if you move the BTC and where you got the LTC from…