Looking for a full stack developer

development team a talented Full-Stack Developer with the following skills:

Web Development. Understand how the web works. Requests, responses, cookies, sessions, etc…


Ethereum, Bitcoin, ABI (contracts)

Javascript, CSS, HTML5

MySql. Basic understanding of relational databases

Clear understanding of Git.

For this position we need someone that MUST know PHP, Ethereum ABI, MySql, and Git. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

Compensation: 5000-10000$/mo + bonus

is this position is still valid ??? i have full experience in HTML,css,java-script,Php,magento ,wordpress,with a basic knowedge in photoshop ,illustrator,and seo .I am the senior web developer in BTPL,please contact me, i will be very obligied to apply for the post ,thanks

I doubt is it still valid. Also remember they usually want work out of you first and then the ones that are scammers don’t pay…just saying…beware of folk who have to resort to litecointalk.org to find programmers etc.