LoafWallet offical support?

Is there an official place to get help with Loafwallet? Litecoin Foundation calls it simple, secure, ready, safe and supportive and I am not finding that true at all. Is there an official support contact?

iPhone 8 Plus. Two weeks since purchased new. 11.1

I can’t send. The transaction fail every time. What annoys me is that it will show an error and then say it sent.

I get transaction rejected saying my wallet is out of sync. This is after I just downloaded the whole blockchain again and my first attempt at sending.

They try to send and the percentages will go up and down (0% to 20% to 40% then who knows from there) I can see new blocks being found watching through litecoin explorer.

Now it has started sending the txs again when I try to send after one fails (like it decides to send the last attempt again when I send a new attempt with a different amount.

Just now it wont update my balance back to what it should be even though it said the transactions have failed.

The support option in the app goes to pretty much a 404 page with a link to the github but it automatically throws you out of that screen even if you click the git hub link and it loads.

From what I can tell there is no way to get the private key directly from the app. Is there a way to convert the pass phrase to the private key? I’m sure there has to be a way to do it but I haven’t found anything yet. That’s what I’m wanting as well if anyone knows how to do it. I want to like LoafWallet but right now it can lick a penis.

Anyone knowledgeable enough to know if this too would work? I know LoafWallet was a fork of BreadWallet so it would rock if this would get me the private key.


EDIT OK these instuctions include the steps to change the phrase length to 12 words and the coin to litecoin. If anyone needs this solution go here: