Hey Folks me again,

Like I told the WoW Project is actually frozen.

But I’m still working on a web2 API with web3(blockchain/ipfs) connection.

U maybe ask urself what is this good for.
Well it’s pretty easy, as a developer u just need to think about the GUI.
All stuff like register, login, receive+sending ltc is prepared and ready to use.

The API is public open for everyone and coded as open source project (upload on github soon)

Via u find my personal testpage for the API and u can jump into it.
No worry, there are no hidden traps.

LiteWorlds offers some cool features which I have never seen before at other projects.
For example the possibility to create own apps with full litecoin support (including omnilite) on top of LiteWorlds.
Or even better, request ur private keys and sync ur LiteWorlds addresses on ur own node!
No way of losing coins because of server down.

I’m also thinking about to create a Quest Board in our Discord. Oh did I tell that, we have Discord.
At the board u can find quests which will be rewarded in Litecoin.

For example:
create a new styl for maingate page - 0.25 ltc
Add 25 users to Discord - 0.05 ltc

Everyone is welcome :blue_heart:

Really nobody? :sweat_smile:

We have now a Faucet for Kotia.
Litecoin faucet will follow :wink: