Litewallet send change to a different address (maybe old address format)

Hello fellow litecoiners, i have been using litewallet for a while and it was working perfectly until now.

Maybe some of you guys can help me out, this is my address LQFZtA1TBoQVcLvXvJhMoFwcMYedBW8wBC and the last transaction was for 0.5ltc to an exchange however my balance is showing 1ltc sent, looking to the transaction id, it seem another 0.5ltc were sent to a different address.


LbkvJDVkxEoYWj21WWRo3A9k3iWKmC7qrq is the other address were i have no access to.
any help what is going on?


Resolved, looks like the other address is linked to my private mnemonic word list and i just had to find it, now i have access to the private key of the unknown address.

Anyway i think litewallet had a bug or something and decided to use a different address for recipient.

Good day lite fellows

Most transactions will show the destination address and the balance of the unused input is sent to YOUR change address. Change addresses are visible using Electrum LTC wallet which can be secured using your hardware wallet if you use Ledger or Trezor.

Glad this was resolved @fierroalv .

I manage the Litewallet team and we have staff to help you. If you have any issues in the future, please visit… You can search for the problem and there may already be a solution or you can file a support ticket.

We are part of the Litecoin Foundation and we invested significantly in having a viable support function.