LiteVault Offline - since 2/19

Hi all - it seems like LiteVault is down. Trying to move some things around, but I can’t access my LTC right now. Is there any update on what might be going on or when we can expect the wallet to go back online?

Only have had really good experiences with the wallet, but a bit concerned right now.

Yeah I’m also getting error 502 since about 5:00 Pm 2/19/2018 Pacific time. The person who works it is someguy123. he had a reddit account. or website

All of the coins look safe. I’ve checked the blockchain, and there have been really good reviews of the wallet. I’m not worried about them getting misplaced, mostly just need to access them and wondering when the site will be back up.

I’m so worried…I cant sleep…wish someone could ease my mind about not being able to get into my wallet

@ROBE - just checked. LiteVault is back online as of Feb 20 3:41AM EST. Make sure to back-up your private key and your wallet.

Thank you for responding…I think I will switch to litecoin core storage just so I can be in control…but I appreciate the support.