offline for more than 24 hours. Someguy123? whats going on? has been offline for more than 24 hours with no statement made. Wondering why i havent heard more about this by now. I have close to 100 litecoins on there and want to know whats going on!


Some people on reddit are asking the same thing

Does anyone know how to transfer my LTC from Litevault and extract it out to another wallet? I have the keys from Litevault.

Given that Litevault isn’t working, I imagine that it would be as easy as transferring your keys to another wallet?

Please advise.

Everything is fine with litevault, someguy was on holidays and the server was down. You can trust litevault at 100%.
If you want to extract the wallet and you have private keys on hand, just go to other client and import the private keys and sync, easy as that. I would use Electrum LTC wallet, set up as new and import the keys.
But as I said, Litevault is trusted online wallet, and I’m sure it’s safer than wallet on your PC :slight_smile:

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importprivatekey with a core wallet under console if you have trust issues like I do stay away form 3rd party servers as much as possible

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