LiteDay520, A Day for LiteCoin

Let’s launch a day for LiteCoin - LiteDay520, where Lite means LiteCoin, 520 means May 20. 520’s pronouncation in Chinese (Wu I Ning, 吾爱您) means I LOVE YOU!

Let’s boost LiteCoin’s price.
It should be much higher than current.
Let’s post it to Twitter.



Uggh, I missed it. Great idea!
How about we create some gifs to spread around for next year to crypto groups. I’ll help!

Don’t forget we are almost near “Initial release 0.1.0 / 7 October 2011”

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Let’s promote it as Litecoin’s birthday! I can help With some gifs! We need some people to spread it in forums; I post here, though; the other LTC rooms aren’t my thing.