Litecon transaction stucked!


I have a big problem with my transaction from myTrezor wallet to Bittrex. My transaction stuck and I cannot do anything with it. On myTrezor is sent and unconfirmed but I cannot see this transaction on any block explorer. It takes whole day and its still unconfirmed. Please help me with that huge problem

I see some similars post today, it is a bigger problem maybe? What I can do to reverse my ltc.

Thank You very much fo help

+1 on this issue. My litecoin transaction from my trezor is also stuck. Is there a way to cancel at ltc transaction with trezor or add more transaction fee?

I’m having this issue too, exact same thing, sent LTC from my trezor wallet to Bittrex to do some trades and the transaction is stuck, 0 confirmations.
I have never had any problem sending or recieving LTC before and can not find any info on what to do.

Count me in, sent LTC from trezor to Kraken, stuck and unconfirmed. So Trezor seems to be to blame here, no? Anyone found a solution?

a lot of people inform about this problem here:

It is probably cause too low fee’s on myTrezor wallet, that’s why our transactions stuck in limbo. Some of us got confirmations at night, maybe we should only wait, but Trezor could give us some official news really.

My transaction:

if you cannot see the transaction on block explorer then Trazors server is not broadcasting your transaction…because you fee is to low more than likely but that’s “trezor’s servers ruleset”…which is why I run core software which is a decentralized server…trezor mycelium multibits…all 3rd party centralized servers…in core wallets you can right click the transaction and click cancel transaction…looks to me like you need to call trezor and complain…or just wait…I sent a low fee transaction one time and it took 8 months for 1 confirmation to arrive at the wallet I sent it to…