Litecoins Lost - Any Advice?

I recently sent a very small amount (0.44LTC) of Litecoins to AnyCoins Direct and they paid out instantly just to test out the service - and it all worked well.

I then sent a slightly larger amount and the transaction expired. Having waited over a week I am down 5 LTC and they are not with AnyCoin Direct either - so as I am pretty new to this are they lost forever or will they eventually ‘turn up’ so to speak.

The ID was: LeBZh76MG8UBEoE1YnHRzH8uVAy5wUHdtD

Which show 0.00 in the transactions and it says ‘Unconfirmed’ on my wallet - is there anyway I can get these back? :slight_smile:

I have my coins housed in the Litecoin QT Wallet.

Thanks so much!


block explorer shows that address to have zero coins in it…nothing pending either
if the transaction is still not confirmed you can right click it in qt and click cancel transaction…you can also flushmempool in console or zapwallet…open console and type help and there will be a list of options

I have the same issue here is mine LNXSmSu5C8e8RsvDLQqBw4LqY7o96CWfne
I have been told that it is expired and cannot be received yet coinbase has it showing complete of course nobody responding at litecoin or coinbase

this wallet shows 1.69 and some change LTC in it…your not going to get a reponse from coinbase anytime soon…they took over a month to respond to my most recent question…open your coinbase wallet and make sure that address is in your “tools” tab