LitecoinJ's testnet is not working

So I am trying to use LitecoinJ for my Litecoin development (

However, when I try to connect testnet, it throws an error (null pointer).

NetworkParameters params = TestNet3Params.get();
final Wallet wallet = Wallet.createDeterministic(params, ScriptType.P2PKH);

So I checked TestNet3Params and it is using Bitcoin testnet DNS seeds:

TestNet3Params() {
    dnsSeeds = new String[] {
            "", // Jonas Schnelli
            "",               // Peter Todd
            "",     // Sjors Provoost
            "",              // Matt Corallo
            "",         // Bloq

I know doesn’t develop LitecoinJ library, but are there any websites that I can get Litecoin Testnet Seed?

Alright, I figured out - it’s basically LitecoinJ testnet feature is not working at all. The genesis hash is wrong in the first place (as of 07/13/2019)