Litecoing Wallet Help

Hi all, really hope you can help.

I have been updating my Litecoin Wallet in relation to the transactions, I’m now down to a few days.

I have the wallet ready, I have no idea what to do next.

If I sell them do I need my Alert Key? I have no idea what it is.

I have my address and the coins in front of me in the software, can i transfer them?

Can I transfer them without the Key?

what do i require to do this?

Really sorry to ask, as it seems such a basic question

I’m current running Litecoin QT wallet v

Please, if you could spare some time to help answer the questions


so you have Litecoin QT v0.8.5.1, in that wallet you have some coins…

what exactly do you want to do?

What Do I need to do to sell them?

Say I find a buyer? Do I need some kind of Key/Password to transfer the coins?

If I do, I’m screwed! I don’t know what or where this password is?

So, is it possible to transfer the coins to another wallet using just the address?

Please let me know, I’m dying here…

cant say if you will need password… You should know if you ever encrypt it.

but you can send your coins to another person or service… you only need their LTC address.

So there is some hope.

I didn’t encrypt it.

Phew! think I’m happy now for the time being

I had a Bitcoin aswell and had sold that on, so prehaps I’m getting confused with that.

So If I have my wallet, my coins are in front of me and I can see my address

I’m good to buy and sell right?

Thanks for your help pguerrerox

My Wallet now says,

'Alert Key compromised, upgrade required.

Do I just download the latest wallet from here?

yes you can do whatever you want with your coins.

go to the official page.

And download the latest version for your OS, before installing make sure you do a back up of the old wallet.

good luck

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How do I do this?


do you know where your wallet.dat is located?


I guess I can search for it on my PC though

gimme a moment

ok, the default location it…

press windows key,
type %appdata%, press enter,
look for the Litecoin Folder,

there you should find a file name “wallet.dat”

backup that file to someplace safe.

Thanks so much.

Will transfer that somewhere safe.

Thanks for your help