Litecoin Wallet Uninstall - how to delete the blockchain/free space?

Dear friends,

I’m sorry if this has been explained 100 times already, but I can’t find the exact instructions.

I’m trying to uninstall the litecoin wallet from my Mac to free hard drive space. How do I do this? Where is the “blockchain” 10GB+ file stored and how to safely uninstall and delete all the components from the wallet app?

I’ve read it is in /Library/Application Support/Litecoin , but that folder isn’t on my computer. Yes, I have “show hidden files” activated and I have killed Finder, and then also reseted my computer.

Please advise! Thanks! Viva Litecoin!

Make sure you have used the right path:
Macintosh HD -> User -> … -> Library -> Application Support -> Litecoin

Otherwise you might have chosen a different path upon installation.
In this case you can try going to the Apple symbol in the upper left and go to “About this Mac”, then “disk” and then “manage”, where you should be able to track the files down.

Alternatively I recommend using for example the free Dr. Cleaner application. You can use it for finding the Data.

Thanks! I actually got to the right folder through “About this Mac > Storage” and browse documents. Have a great day!

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