Litecoin Wallet Password

Several months ago I started worrying about the exchanges so I downloaded the Litecoin Wallet and installed it on my Windows 11 PC. Install went fine, I wrote down my password and entered it twice. All was good. I moved my Litecoin to my wallet and it worked perfect. My balance was always there and correct. I decided to move my Litecoin to a hardware wallet for safe keeping and when I went to move it my password didn’t work anymore. I can still see my Litecoin but I can’t move it. What has happened? Did a Windows update mess something up? How do I recover My litecoin?

You must contact your hardware wallet provider to review your settings since you moved from Windows to a hardware wallet. Windows update don’t have nothing to do with it.

I am locking this thread because there are many scammers out there beginning with this script and you already got a proper answer.