Litecoin wallet - new features proposals


Lately I’ve been wondering what features could be added to LTC wallet to make it more user-friendly and practical.

As regards coins stored in the wallet the first thing that comes into mind is their safety, so I’d like to focus on two things: managing wallet.dat file and the passphrase.

Thinking about the passphrase it is up to every wallet user to store it in a safety place. The same applies to the wallet.dat file (I mean ‘cold storage’). The difference between the wallet.dat file and the passphrase is that it is hard to imagine that wallet could suggest any steps that should be taken to - in case of any problems - bring the passphrase back to mind (besides of any tips like “If you don’t remember your passphrase, please try to bring to mind…”. Regarding the wallet.dat file (in case of any problems with, for example, finding it) the wallet itself could be more helpful than it is now.

  1. My first suggestion is that when backing up wallet the name of the wallet.dat files should not only contain the ‘wallet’ phrase, but also the certain date and time it was created (I assume it does not contain it now - I backed up my wallet long time ago).

  2. My second suggestion is that - similarly to the transactions table, which one can find in their wallet - one could also find a table with dates wallet.dat files have been backed up and names of the devices (devices types and serial numbers?) to which the files have been saved. Then in case of problems with ‘localizing’ the wallet.dat file in the ‘cold storage’ it would be easier to find it since we would have got informations about when and where the last .dat files have been saved.


you can view times and dates that files were modified or changed in windows…date/time options are usually OS specific and programs use the OS clock to sync usually if I’m not mistaken…so you proposal wont work for broadcasting transaction history to a chain unless all odes are set to the same time…

anyway…in folder options there is an option to view all dates and times of all files and when they were lat viewed /changed

A File Time is a 64-bit value representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 (UTC). Conversion from this internal format to a format more suitable for human interpretation is performed by the Windows system call, which extracts the year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds and milliseconds from the timestamp data. NTFS file system stores time values in UTC format, so they are not affected by changes in timezone or daylight saving time.


bakd247, thank your for your reply, but - similarly to ‘Sending passphrase via litecoin-cli’ topic - I don’t think (again) that you have read my post with due dilligence.

My proposals have nothing to do with transactions, chain etc. They’re just to make LTC wallet user’s life more simple in case of problems with finding wallet.dat file. In case of that, folder options - that you’ve mentioned - won’t also be very helfpul.

In a few words what I mean is:

  1. When backing up wallet.dat file litecoin-qt wallet could suggest the name of the backup file to be in the following format: wallet+date+time.dat - then, if you have multiple backups, you can easily choose one to put in a folder where wallet.dat should be.

  2. Litecoin-qt wallet itself could store a small table containing dates, times and devices where backups have been saved. Then, if - for example - I run litecoin-qt with no wallet.dat file (which is at that time in the ‘cold storage’) I could easily get to know which of my 10 pendrives/ laptops etc. stores the .dat file.


no i read it thats why I posted the link…you can name your backups what ever you want…

you can save you back up as backup1march232014.dat then just rename it to wallet.dat when you drag and drop it into the appdata folder of liteocin if and when you restore a wallet

I said that about the chain data because it doesn’t make sense to me why you would suggest a fix to a network protocol or software when its a OS fix so I was assuming you were hinting at that…apparently I was wrong…

also the new CSV fork is doing something like this for the chain data… comma separated values to store transaction information…haven’t read too much about it though

  1. I know that you can change wallet.dat file name manually, but my suggestion is to allow users to have the file name set with date and time automatically when saving the file (as some softs do when saving logs). That would make user’s life easier (i.e. when managing backups; please note, that it is always better to have more than one backup).

  2. Do you see any way wallet suggests location of the wallet.dat now (I mean, for example, which ‘cold storage’ (laptop, pendrive etc.) is storing the file)? That was my second suggestion to make user’s life more comfortable. A small table with history added to the wallet should do the trick.

BTW - thank you for any comments in this topic.


right click on it…click rename…type what ever you want…you can also single click it to change a name of any file in windows to what ever you want it to be…I have 3 litecoin backups for my one wallet all named something different and all saved on different flashdrives

the only time you need it to be named wallet.dat is when you place it into the APPdata folder if your trying to recover your wallet…


cold storage doesn’t use file backups…the private key is saved offline…all you need to spend coin form cold storage of any kind…all armory does is store private keys offline…if using an external drive just save the backup externally and you always have your key…I really don’t see how that can be any more user friendly…btw if you save a backup and receive a new payment afterward…the new transaction is not in that backup…so there really is no point in having more than one backup file to begin with…you can back up 10 different times after 10 different transactions and the last backup is the only one that is any good…

and every time you backup your wallet; that is the only private key you need…an externally saved backup is the same thing as cold storage only it can only be spent using a GUI wallet…


What about to add some more different wallets in one client…

Like an self config online Banking application.
As example,
First accound with wallet1.dat for all transfers like now and like girokonto.
Second account with wallet2.dat for storage and stacking, like sparkonto

Its realy great to creat any Adresses to one wallet, but its not possible to creat more wallets with diff. Adresses.

Is it correct?

For my fastpayment Project sutch Feature is necessary.


you can access all your spend and receive address under the file tab…you can access all address form one wallet already as long as your backup contains the hash for that transaction…

I don’t understand why you want 2 backups when only one of those backups will be valid when you spend coin anyway…u can make 50 backups and once the wallet syncs only one of those backups u made is needed…if you make a backup then send coin and make a separate backup… then the first backup is worthless as if you use it will still sync the newest transaction belonging to you address’ contained in your wallet…


You have ever only one wallet on Screen.

Not 2 or 3 on one Screen.

I need 3 one, 2 as normal konto screen and one with connection to an Database


you already have that…under file tab click view address’…every time you create a new “receive address” that is a new account
After thinking about it I get what your talking about…your talking about segregated witness kinda…you can send the same coin to two separate wallets and it is spendable by either one…
use your receive address’ as “other” accounts…you can also import any address to any wallet as long as you have the private key so if you were to import a address you would have both address accessible by the same wallet…then just using segregated witness send the same coin to both address’ and the same coin is spendable by both…
If you have another wallet like a friends wallet that you need access to and he is giving you access to it then you can import that address using the private key and either wallet can spend it at that point…only once…you can also import as watch only if needed…


I have access to all 150 or more address I have made all in the same wallet…every receive is a new separate address with multiple inputs…

also you should be able to like I said import the secondary address and view it separately
go to file, receiving address then click create new and then enter the address below it if you are importing one and you can view all your balances of all your address’ created here…your total balance is shown on the overview page and all the address you create when you receive coins are viewable here…you can have every coin you get sent to one address if you want or many created by the same wallet…
so maybe try just using your receiving address as your overview page and there is your solution?
I get where you want it to look like a bank account web page but it already does depending on how you use it…


Which litecoin wallet is best for my android tablet? One that is secure and easy on charges


depends on how much drive space you have on that tablet…currently to use a core wallet you need over 20 GB of space to store the always increasing size of the blockchain…


My tablet is 32GB


should be fine with a core wallet then…just make sure to backup religiously and not loose any connections during syncing or send/receiving…otherwise 3rd party servers like electrum would be the solution if you don’t want to manage your own keys…


Thanks @bakd247
I’d do with electrum


thanks…I’d do with electrum too…this works for me