Litecoin Wallet and NFTs

I would like to know if a LiteCoin wallet exists. Not the one on the Centralized Exchanges. Looking for Defi and NFTs.
I come from the SOL back ground and we have a Phantom wallet there which is pretty famous.

Also is there any location to know about NFTs on Litecoin. Not interested on the ones running other chains but have lite coin picture etc. I want the NFTs that transact on Litecoin. I can see that it is coming, but not sure if it is already out or any planned timing for it?

On SOL side MagicEden is pretty famous for marketplace.

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Coinomi is a very good multi-crypto hot wallet. Free on phone app store.

I use EXODUS, they support LTC, BTC, & NFT’s in the mobile wallet nnow. They have a desktop that does all but NFT’s but will do NFT’s soon.