Litecoin Transfer Not Showing

Hi, I’m hoping for a little help with a transfer i made last night.
I sent litecoin to shapeshit from my litecoin core wallet (downloaded newest version last night)
My litecoin core wallet shows the transaction leaving.
Shapeshift is still waiting on the deposit.
Maybe i sent it to the wrong address on shapeshift?
How can i get my ltc back?

id d211a840d77fb0b45e5100a5cbcb37e76d7587c983f83e90096e71d9a428dab3

Thank you for your help!

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I dont know what shapeshift is but i’ve heard of some wallets being a lot slower at receiving transfers.

that’s a scary thing though lol but i HAVE heard of it…

If you sent them to the wrong address, they might be gone buddy.

Be patient, and learn from your mistakes if it turns out to be…
Hope not…

Thanks, Pixllite. I can’t find the transaction, so wouldn’t that let me know it didn’t go though?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure since many wallets out there work very differently.
Have you tried to check your balance on the address online??

Try this

Apparently you may be able to check “blocks” of transactions by searching the address of your choice. I think it will tell you the balance or at least show you some transactions.

Please be careful to make sure it’s your address you input and NOT your private key.

Also, I have not used this myself since i use Coinbase to keep my coins. Some users absolutely recommend not leaving coins online so i understand the risks. Please use this, be careful, and hope you find what you’re looking for.

I’m here to help if i can.

Thanks. This shows the transaction. I guess i sent it to the correct address. Nothing i can do about this?

HMMM JUST BE PATIENT IS ALL YOU CAN DO BROTHA… hopefully you get your coins safely though that sucks