Litecoin transaction went to unconfirmed

HI all,

I have a litecoin wallet, but some old transactions (2014) went to unconfirmed and my balance now show an amount that doen’t count this unconfirmed litecoin transactions.

A friend of mine told me to contact a mining company to ask them to mine this old blocks (where this old transactions are) to get this litecoins back to my wallet, even if this transaction were sent with low fees.

Can someone help me ?

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How much LTC is at stake ?

More than 4000, contact me if you can help me.

I think it can be fixed by retransmitting an RBF transaction, if you used a wallet that supports it. I’ll get in touch with you.

One potential problem is that the RBF transactions will send the coins to the address that was used in the original transactions, so this will only help you if you still have access to those addresses.

Export the private key (or use seed phrase) and try to restore the wallet on both these

A 2014 version of litecoin-core (see github for the old releases) and the latest version.

May be a compatibility issue with new wallets, also unsure RBF was a thing in 2014 but maybe I am wrong.

I did that : export private key and restore it to different version of litecoin-core. But I always get the same status for transactions:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool

Hey, you should check this topic:

I hope this helps.

Wouldn’t that solution make things even worse in this case?

Why? There is a transaction broadcasted, but we know it is not mined and it will never be mined as it is not in the mempool. One wants to tell to the wallet that the transaction should be abandoned, so it should release the funds. Where am I wrong?

yeah, i understand also, if its abandoned the funds go back to where they came from … bad if thats the old pool address or any address not accessible… or if they where directly mined into the wallet… but i could be wrong … when the coins are in the wallet and the transaction has failed the abandonement of this tx should “release” them from this locked state… my bet… if possible try with a small tx like 0.001ltc or so…if possible

i would also before try to install a new ltc full client/wallet (i.e. ltc qt) and have FIRST the blockchain current… THEN import the old stuff via console as private/wallet keys into the “fresh” ltc qt install …

The transaction can be abandoned only by the owner of the originating wallet. And OP also mentioned “back to my wallet” .

I guess there’s no harm in trying, if OP makes a wallet backup first.