Litecoin Transaction Ledger Live stuck/pending (Solution)

I recently wanted to swap some Litecoin via Ledger Live. After several hours I got worried because the transaction was still pending, so the LTH was ‘gone’ from my wallet and stuck in the mempool.

The Ledger Support is basically useless, after 5 days I gave up waiting for them to respond.

After looking for solutions I found out, that there is basically a bug in Ledger Live. LTC does have RBF (Replace-By-Fee) implemented, but it is not implemented in the Leger wallet.
The transaction fee that was suggested by Ledger Swap was too low, so nobody wanted to pickup the transaction. Maybe waiting several weeks or months could also solve the problem but for anybody who doesn’t want to wait that long this is the simple solution:

Just use a different Wallet that has RBF implemented. I used Electrum-LTC, but other wallets probably also work fine.
Connect you hardware wallet to Electrum:
[](https://Setup Electrum)

The Litecoin which were ‘stuck’ will be show in the wallet. Now you can make a transaction. Select a fee that is appropriate and the transaction will be confirmed withing a few minutes.
Litecoin fees

The next time you log into Ledger Live the Coins and transaction will be shown your account again. If not, go to Settings->Help->Reset Ledger Live and reset the account. After this you can add the account again an everything should be okay.

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Ugh. Like me this morning, lost .005 eth this morning on transactions that failed…fml