Litecoin to Bitcoin address?

this tool:

maybe this will work better for you:

actually idnt have trezor wallet ? would it work if i need to create a new one ? i never used trezor before as i mentioned before its the transfer was from to

you dont need a trezor to recover your coins…

as long as the wallet you are trying to recover is a downloaded wallet that is all you need

if you sent coins form a web server to a web server and you DO NOT have access to the private keys…then there is nothing you can do but contact the website you sent the coins to

Hi i was wondering if you could help me ? If i have a btc adresss that starts with a 3 and it just so happens the same address exists for ltc and for some reason when i was to recieve ltc i didnt know my ltc adress was different on coinbase and i gave someone my btc addresss that starts with a 3 and they tried to send me ltc but the blockchain read it as ltc addresss that starts with a 3 and it was deprecated so they sent it to the updated format of M addresss and now because i thought my btc adresss and ltc was the same but turns out my adress that starts with 3 is only my btc addresss . So my funds are sitting in the ltc adresss thats been deprecated . Is there anyway for me to access
The 3 address on the ltc network?

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Unfortuantely if you don’t have access to the private keys it won’t be possible to recover your bitcoin or litecoin. I think you said that you sent to a coinbase litecoin address? If it’s a wallet you actually have the private keys for, like a seed phrase or wallet.dat file, I can help recover coins.

People should also stop converting their bitcoin and litecoin addresses. Pretty much all the top wallets have stopped allowing the deprecated prefix for Litecoin addresses.

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Unfortunately it was sent what i thought was my ltc addresss that started with a 3 but the addresss is only to my btc address that starts with a 3 so the funds were sent and the blockchain caught it that the addresss was deprecated and sent it to the updated format that starts with a M and of course coinbase wont help me or give me the private keys. I have been trying to read and figure this out since december my funds have been sitting at the address that i thought was my ltc addresss but my adresss is only for btc. And coinbase says that the addresss that does exist that is exactly the same as my btc address for ltc is not a address to there exchange… it sucks i dont know what to do.

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