Litecoin Testnet Pool

Hi I made a mining pool on the Litecoin Testnet and Dogecoin Testnet for those who would like to contribute to the testnet: on my side I mine on CPU with a small server at ~10Kh/s so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: I can also give you free tLTC or free tDOGE

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Thats a cool project!
At the time i started developing with Litecoin i had to wait for days until my transaction have been confirmed in testnet.

So i had to switch and found a pos script coin.
Maybe i have a old machine somewhere to support you👍

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Thanks but if you pay the electricity don’t feel obligated, i mine on a vps so i don’t pay electricity

Awesome! What pool software are you using to run it btw?

Hi i use Blinkhash’s Foundation Core

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