Litecoin Software & Project Ideas

I am no software developer and consider myself enjoying early retirement anyway. Hence I like to share my product ideas with anyone who is interested to take them and make the best use of it >

  1. Litecoin Wallet Functionality
  • deposit a check by taking a picture and converting to LTC
  • earn interest in LTC
  • send LTC to anyone by entering LTC amount then share link for the recepient to fill in his wallet address or create a new wallet on the fly to expand the user base
  • FIO addresses composed out of phone number plus domain, example ( +13217220123@crypto
  • automate tasks like sending gifts, DCA, convert, by integrating IFTTT triggers
  • integrated inheritance, safety feature > if wallet has not been logged-in for x months automatically send all balances to a back-up address (or heirs) like a regulated exchange which would allow you to recover the coins even if you lost the password of the exchange by presenting your KYC credentials
  • KYC for non hosted wallet by using a third party KYC verified NFT token to authenticate the wallet
  • tipping functionality - beggar to display LTC QR code, scan with tipping function and automatically send USD 1 in LTC or whatever amount you preset in the wallet
  • parking meter functionality - parking meter to display QR code, scan QR to pay for parking meter, payment to transmit your car’s number plate and parking meter id along payment to proof you paid parking meter, block explorer can identify this an list an overview for officials
  1. Litecoin Tinder - Match Maker
  • Tinder style app that uses Litecoin to pay for the service to reduce spam
  • pay 10 cents for each like in LTC
    – earn 5 cents for each like received
    – earn 10 cents for each match
  • weekly vote for best matched couple with any amount in LTC
    – winning couple to win the honey pot in LTC
    – voter to win part of the honey pot in LTC
    – part of the honey pot to app
    – winning couple to participate in monthly draw by posting couple’s video
  • monthly vote for best couple’s video with any amount in LTC
    – winning couple to win the honey pot in LTC
    – voter to win part of the honey pot in LTC
    – part of the honey pot to app
  • publish each match to Instagram, Twitter, facebook to promote the app with a link encouraging people to vote and win
  • publish each video to TikTok to promote the app
  • winners to receive a gift / voucher from the members club participating business (dinner date, weekend get away, rental car for a weekend from Turo, …)
  1. Litecoin members club
  • business to participate and offer rebates for LTC members
  • business must accept Litecoin, user must pay in Litecoin, 0.25% could go towards the membership program (much cheaper than credit card fees)
  • look-up Harvest Host, a membership app that offers free overnight stays for participating RVers - it worked great for business and members - growing at a fast pace
  • app with map, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri integration (Alexa where can I order pizza with Litecoin)
  • business to display a QR code for LTC members to scan > automatic Covid registration where required, display of LTC member benefits, participation in a monthly lottery drawing funded in part by the payment fee
  • market place for goods / garage sale to be paid in LTC
  • market place for small odd jobs to be paid in LTC
  • escrow service where both seller & buyer must agree before funds move
  1. Business Cards
  • with QR code on the back
  • hand out business cards, recipient to scan QR code > prompts to install Litecoin Wallet and receive usd 1 (or other preset amount) in Litecoin from business card holder / doner
  • wallet to feature pre-stored contacts like
    – business card holder
    – Litecoin Foundation for donations
    – Litecoin Membership Club
  1. Money Lending Token
  • LTC margin lending fund wrapped in a token (like Invictus Capital IML token)
  • token to accumulate lending interest income increasing token value, avoiding income tax for token holders
  • 5% of interest earned within the token fund to be burned to reduce LTC in circulation increasing the value of LTC by reducing total amount of LTC, increasing future interest rate due to higher scarcity (long term goal)

I hope you enjoy these ideas and use your programming skills to turn them into products / integrate them into your crypto projects.


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