Litecoin sent to a btc

so i sent 7 litecoin to a btc address and some how the blockcypher created a ltc address for the coins but its not mine, is there any way that the coin can be collected, ive spoken to my wallet provider and they said they cant help, its alot of money for me i just need to know if its lost completly or there is away i can get it back, its been sent 5 days and still unspent but had over 3000 confirms, im just sitting here like what do i do,what can i do

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Clearly your app is compromised.

i use a online wallet, they said i sent it to a btc address but if that was the case wouldnt it had just been sent back, not created a ltc address for it, i dont know but im geussing there is no way for me to get that litecoin back as they wont help, the casino i withdrew it from said the money has left there hands so they cant help, if anyone can help get it back i will give them 1 litecoin for it

If you have the private key for the BTC address you sent the LTC to, it might be possible to load the private key / mnemonic into an LTC wallet and find the coins. They may be in a different derivation path than the LTC wallet usually looks at, so you need to do some work to find the correct path. You will need to get educated on how wallets work. There are some tutorials for this problem online.


this is what i mean i wouldnt have a c;ue where to start. how to get the private key or anything, thats why i said if anyone knows what there doing and could help would be greatly appreciated

Hmmm… that’s quite unfortunate. I hope that you didn’t lose that much money. I also had a similar expeirence but thankfully I got it back within a few days :slight_smile:

Mine is still sitting in the address it was sent to (not mine) and it’s unspent, I don’t know what to do about it, I have no clue at all