Litecoin seed cards to spread adoption

All you need is a printer, some paper, scissors and willingness to spread awareness.

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The Litecoin Card has not started yet…I wonder how long it will take to get that announcement up…just

an empty site as of now…so you can sign into the USA now…but no funds or other functions yet.


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The Litecoin card is rolling out in phases, there are folks using it already on a first come first serve basis. These seed cards … these are just ways for people to learn about Litecoin via the QR code on the card.

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Sticking them to ATM’s is the worst thing you could to IMO. People are already wary of scams with ATM’s, this will just associate LTC as a scam

Lol , ok dude, you do you

It’s a gas pump by the way , but ATM’s are fantastic places to place em

So it is! (Gas Pump)

Maybe it’s a geographic thing then and might work in other countries, in the UK at least if this was near anything related to a card insert and keypad people would be massively suspicious of it.

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I understand the need to be cautious, and people are going to have their perceptions regardless, but to your point , there are plenty other places to put the seed cards. It’s just a QR code that takes em to the Litecoin foundation website. Good education on what LTC is.

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yes I would prefer it anywhere else! rather on telephone poles instead of ATM machine.

Lol, bruh telephone polls?? The point is for it to be seen, but do you, post em to as many telephone polls as ya like :metal:

Thanks Buzz

I have been holding LTC for a long time and will for a long time. Do any of you think LTC will ever get delissted like XRP