Litecoin raw data

Hi, Friends!

I’m looking for LiteCoin raw data I mean day by day data from the begining for:

  • Difficulty
  • Network HashRate
  • Price (from some exchange)

Is LTC difficulty formula the same as for BTC?


Here are graphs for historical difficulty, hashrate and price:

I guess it should be possible to parse the html page somehow to get the values.

Great! Thanks!

The next question is about LTC difficulty:

Can BTC formula be applied:
N = (tRH)/(D*2^32)
N - income in coins
t - mining priod in secs. (day = 86400)
R - reward in coins
H - hashrate per sec (H/s)
D - difficulty

yes … will do all that for you…they seem to be pretty accurate in my experience…sometimes their data is a little behind though