Litecoin qt wallet

I have a old wallet.dat file from litecoin qt about 2 years ago, just curious how to get my coins from that file into the new core operating system. Thanks for your help

I also tried sending some coins from it and they have had 0 confirmations in 4 days. Will they just come back or do I have to retrieve them somehow. Thanks everyone

I read a bunch and figured out the transactions. I just need help with which file to delete and put my old wallet.dat file and how to update wallet. Thank you

I rebooted the old qt wallet and It has moved some of the coins into unconfirmed status now? I will give reward for help. Thanks

Put the old wallet.dat file in the directory where the blockchain is kept (Windows / OSX / Linux are at different places - Google for your operating system). Then with the terminal window start Litecoin-QT with the --rescan option. That should do the trick to resolve your unconfirmed transactions. Be aware that the process may take a long time - it has to check all the transactions on the blockchain since 2011…

have you found help, I have the same problem and also wouldnt mind to pay for help