Litecoin qt 0.14.2 - GUI somewhere hidden

Hi all,
I have a crazy problem. I installed litecoin qt 0.14.2 (64bit) on my Windows 10 (64 bit) machine.
The installation went well but when I start the application the dashboard/gui window disappears. I know that it synced because the litecoin folder is about 11GB big. When I right click on the icon in systemtray I can select the debug and settings options and I the proper window is shown. But the main window is somewhere where I cant see it. It semms like its on another desktop if you run multi monitoring But I only use one monitor.

I hope someone can.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards


BTW: Same for litecoin qt 0.13.3

Right click on the preview in the taskbar and click on full screen.