Litecoin Privacy Wallet with CoinJoin Implementation?

Is there any Open Source Litecoin Wallet with built-in CoinJoin for both Mobile and Desktop (aside from Mustard Wallet)?

Why not use mustard? It is the wasabi implementation for litecoin.

I’d also recommend coinjoin your coins on a pc, then send your clean utxo to a separate mobile wallet to avoid future mixing of utxos


Nothing. I am just wondering if there is another Litecoin Wallet with CoinJoin Implementation. :smiley:

Ah, well did a quick search as well and came up empty handed.

Watch out for scam websites that are trying to steal your funds - for example:

Coinjoin io (first page result on google)


Asks you to input your seed phrase online (NEVER DO THIS) with the excuse of them executing a coinjoin for you. So be careful out there everyone.

Regarding what I wrote about mobile wallet use above, do have a read at the Wasabi guide for this - linked in the Mustard wallet FAQ section: