Litecoin Pool for Antminer L3+?

What Litecoin Pools are you using for the Antminer L3+?

nicehash, routed through miningrigrentals at 200% my daily income for just mining if someone wishes to rent them.
Wanna do the same? help me for helping you :smiley:
This method was a major aspect in my L3+'s ROI’ing in around 20 days

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How much USD are you producing right now a day with your system?

The number of times they have been rented has gone down drastically in the recent weeks so it is primarily just mining, but they make roughly 0.025 BTC per L3+ per day right now.

My rental fee is generally 2x what they make daily mining, or 0.05 per L3+ per day. BTC is 2750 currently, so USD is 68.75 per miner (minus electricity) per day mining and 137.5 per day per miner when they are rented.

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And apparently the profitability actually declined a lot recently, so the values for just mining are closer to half that (0.0125 BTC per L3+ per day).

Today I learned the nicehash algo page doesn’t autorefresh like their old one. sometimes has profitability into the 0.05 spikes, so it is worth keeping in your MRR page to switch to on those days.

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So basically as long as they are rented this link

should be more profitable than Nicehash?
Wouldn´t you just lower the ask price on rentals to maximize on renting out more profitably?
Also what pools do you use while you are not renting out the server?

That is my referral link to sign up to MRR yourself.

The profitability compared to nicehash depends on what you set your rental price at.

And yes, you can lower the price if you like, MRR even has an option to automatically adjust it to market value.

Personally, the value of being able to alter where my miner is pointing when I want is worth a bit of a premium.

I use nicehash and zpool when it is not being rented out

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What do you mean ‘routed through nicehash’?